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Emma Lee, a Mormon handcart pioneer, the 17th plural wife of John D. Lee, ran Lee's Ferry.

Minnie Guenther, was a missionary who played a crucial role in helping Apaches survive horrific epidemics.

Lozen a powerful Apache shaman, healer and warrior, who rode with her brother, Victorio and Gerniomo.

Gripping personal narratives pull readers into the troubled times and tribulations that each of these women faced during a turning point in the history of the American West. The second part is historical background. It explains the complicated backstories and why many of these things happened.


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The play has received critical acclaim throughout Arizona.

Carol's Art

Pinedale Covered Bridge
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Ft. Apache Late Afternoon

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Carol's Work Can Be Seen At:
Her studio in the Center for the Arts at 251 Penrod Rd. in Show Low.

(It's at the very end of the hall.)
  • Springerville Heritage Center Museum

  • The Gingerbread Cabin in Pinetop

  • Western Drug's gift shop in Springerville

  • K5 Gallery and Bookstore in Springerville

  • Show Low Historical Society Museum

  • Interior Complements in Lakeside

  • White Mountain Apache Museum Shop at Fort Apache

Oak Hill Studio
P.O. Box 588
Pinetop, AZ 85935

Story of the American West
-- Legends of Arizona
By Carol Sletten and Eric Kramer
Illustrated by Carol Sletten

The book tells the story of America's 48th state through the lives of Apaches, Mountain Men, Hispanics, Soldiers, Mormons, Cowboys, Blacks, Outlaws and Others Who Struggled in Arizona's White Mountains, One of the Last Untamed Regions of the West.

The book weaves the essential elements of the mythic West into a highly readable story. This non-fiction version of Michener's Centennial is comparable to the novel in poignant detail and narative scope.


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Excerpts and more about this illustrated history

Carol has enjoyed giving talks & performances at museums, galleries, schools, clubs & bookstores throughout Arizona & New Mexico.

Carol's Work In Progress
A novel based on historical facts and Apache myths
Carol has completed her research and is finishing the fourth, and last part, of the book.

About Carol Sletten
Carol lives in a cabin in Arizona's White Mountains. She is currently focusing on the history, landscapes and people of the American West. Her popular play, books and artwork reflect her ongoing fascination with those subjects.

In the past, Carol worked for an ad agency and a university information center, did a stint as a reporter, taught at a community college, was co-owner of an art gallery and collected oral history. When she was on the East Coast, Carol had a gig as an artist-in-residence, designed publications, and had a one-woman show at the Staten Island Botanic Garden. She was an artist-in-residence at the Petrified National Forest and received a DAR National Women in the Arts Award.

History is My Teacher

Nature is My Muse

Wonder is My Companion

And I am Still Learning

                      -- Carol Sletten

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